Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well I have pretty much abandoned the blogging as of late so I guess this is an attempt at an update.

Anyways, since last update I have made a few more winding stems but after about 6-7 it got a tad repetitive so I moved on to pivot gauges. Pivot gauges are basically a measuring device for jewels and such. They are small, I mean small!!! We are making about 8-10 of them and the range of sizes is 7/100ths to 23/100ths of a millimeter. The length of the whole thing is about 15mm long and the actual pivot on the end is between 20-50/100ths of a mm long. Once we finish turning it to the wanted diameter we have to burnish the pivot using a Jacot Tool. I'm sure none of this makes sense but maybe I'll try to explain it later. Anyways here are a few pics, bye for now....