Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well I figured I'd put my 2 cents in about this whole Tiger Woods fiasco. So here it goes....

It was clearly only a matter of time before he put his balls in the wrong hole. He'd put them in many holes before but this was all types of wrong.

Personally I am a little disappointed. I am disappointed for two reasons. 1 - cheating is just shitty. I know 'shit' happens but come on. It can't be that difficult to stay faithful. I doubt he's getting drunk on a regular basis so he can't blame it on that. And to do it that many times? Weak. No one likes a cheater or to get cheated so it's hard to have positive thoughts about someone like that.

But I am not really sure I can believe all the allegations, nor have I read every article about it. Which leads me to number 2 - the media. I am plenty aware that it is the medias job to publish any and every possible thing be it true or not but it's just terrible to see how things can escalate. Granted he is the most popular man in sports, but who really cares? I could give less than two fucks about what he does in his personal life. I like him cause he's an amazing golfer not because he's an amazing person. I don't think he ever claimed to be a perfect person outside of golf. He's just that good at golf so 'oh well how could he do something like that, he's supposed to be a perfect citizen'. That's ridiculous.

So with that said I will continue to fully support Tiger. I don't respect the decisions he made off the course but I sure as shit want to see him golfing like he does. You can't say you don't like to watch a guy who can pull off shots like this just cause he cheated on his wife.....

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm a real boy!

I'm a real boy

Ok I always have been but in the words of Pinocchio "I'm a real watchmaker!". But seriously I have actually made a real part that works in an actual watch. How about that. And it's a part that is used by the watch wearer to boot! Maybe this doesn't technically qualify me to be a full watchmaker just yet but hey, feels important to me so suck it!

So what part am I talking about you might be wondering now (if you haven't skipped to a much more interesting blog)? Well it's a winding stem folks. You know, that part that connects the crown you pull out to set the time.

The first two I made (the ones on the outside that look the same) are not really very common dimensions if at all for a real watch. But the one in the middle is fully functional in a 6497 movement. Which coincidentally enough is supposed to be the movement we are basing our school watch on (however there are talks of a completely original WOSTEP movement, cross your fingers!). So this was finally a project that had some more depth and purpose (not to discredit toolmaking in any way). It was nice to finish something that would serve a purpose in a real watch. Anyways, the one in the middle took me about 8 hours to make which seems like a long time but for the 3rd one made in my life I think it's a decent time. The one I made today (no picture) took about 6 hours so it's getting much easier. I was told some people take 3 days or so the first few times. I'm glad this wasn't the case for me since I am not sure I have learned the patience for that just yet!

Scaled picture. Measurements were within .03 mm everywhere on the bottom one. Except the threaded part which I left cause it didn't matter...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

So I started a new project the other day. If you are familiar with photography there is this thing called a 365 Project. I think it was originally done by taking a self portrait every day for a year. But some people weren't into the idea of taking photos of themselves that many times so it turned into a "take a photo of something every day for a year" type thing. If you type 365 project on flickr I'm sure it will provide many results...

flickr 365

Anyways I took it upon myself to start a project of this nature. It will be based on time and watches and since I only have Nixon watches and have a fond liking of them, it will be mostly featuring just that. Hopefully I can learn a thing or two about photography and maybe some other things I can't think of.

Here is a link to my flickr 365 project:

Hope you like it!

P.S. I will post about watchmaking in a couple days, good news to tell!