Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Temporary Relief

So I finally broke down and took a few photos. I was mostly hesitating because I don't really have the right set up to take some decent photos. But I figured I'd try and show people what it looks like. So here they are:

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to finish everything how I wanted and of course now that I am back in Canada I don't have the tools/workshop to do what I need. So it's not quite working how it's supposed to but the basic time function works just fine. 

As always all comments and opinions welcome. Would love to know what people think of the design and finish. I'm also wondering if there are any people interested in buying something like this and if so, what would you think it's worth? Anyways, let me know and I'll try to respond to any questions.



  1. Nice work buddy,
    I like the design of the watch but I just find it a bit "too grey" - you know what I mean ? I love leather bracelets too ;)
    Hope you will come back to Switzerland to finish it !

  2. I think this watch is amazing man.

    I realllly like it.

    Congrats man!


  3. Hi,
    felicitations! No doubt with WOSTEP training you'll soon be working somewhere with the facilities that you might need to finish the watch. I'm an apprentice down in Melbourne, Australia, and the 6497 is good to work on, eh?
    Look up www.ashtonwatches.com, a blog by a Melburnian at Rolex who's making his own watch,
    Richard McLean

  4. looks great.. maybe a touch of paint on the markers would be a nice touch.

  5. swap in a tan strap I think it would work beautifully

  6. Thanks for the comments guys! I also could've made a silver colored dial instead of grey. I just sorta wanted something dark and mysterious for this version.

  7. I have started modifying Unitas 6498 recently. It's a lot harder than it seems. Lots of thinking, obstacles to overcome but well.. that's the challenge.
    Based on my VERY modest experience i can honestly say that the making of this watch, for me, comes close to a miracle. Absolutely spectacular ! Thanks for the elaborate explanation and photographs. Not only gave me insight but also inspiration to go on.
    Any chance that you sell this watch or modules to enhance 6498/7's ?
    Thnaks ! Marco

  8. No I don't think I will sell the watch, at least not at this point. Glad to know I could help. And as for modules for the 6498, tho watch wasn't built with modules in mind as I made my own custom mainplate to suit my needs.

  9. Wow that looks finely made. Congrats!

  10. Was it hard to put together? I'm thinking of starting a project also.